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About us

About company

GoTaxi company provides taxi and van services in Cyprus. We are focuses on high quality service, safety and comfort, attractive rates and transparent pricing. Russian taxi in Cyprus is ready to give generous reception to tourists and guests, who came on business. Together with GoTaxi you can solve any transfer problems with advantages, fast and easy.



Transfers from every airport in Cyprus.

Polite Russian-speaking driver meet you at any time of the  day or night, moreover he comfortably brings you at location.

Comfortable car ride.

Economy-priced Cyprus taxi with a high-quality service won't limit you in move. Conduct the meeting, shopping trip, go out to eat and cultural events in any city you want. Together with GoTaxi you always pop up in the right place at the right time. Therefor, you have just to book a taxi beforehand.

Event guiding

Spacious and comfortable wedding vans allows you to concentrated  on the event. You shouldn't  worry about  organizational issues  - because with GoTaxi any traffic tasks are solved extremely effective. Your guests and guests of honor will definitely stay satisfied.

RAC in Cyprus

Are you going to travel by island alone? You have  a wide choice of comfortable cars which you can book. We inform you about all aspects of driving regulations in Cyprus for preventing misunderstanding with local members of the law enforcement forces.

Individual tours

Comfortable vans and cars are at your service. GoTaxi organizes private tours in Cyprus according exclusive programme. Russian-speaking guide tells you and shows you all the most interesting places and island sightseeing. This trip will be interesting both children and adults.




Qualification.  In our 7 years of experience we recommended ourselves as solid and reliable partner.

We are focus on our services' quality and safety.

We do everything that our clients gain their point and stay satisfied with.

Cyprus all around transfers.

Russian-speaking driver is ready to meet you in any of three island's airports and take you to destination.

We work round the clock and through the holidays. Choose convenient time and your taxi will be just in time.

Low prices. You will always know your transfer price and get the best options of price and quality using our taxi without no hidden costs.


A good car choose.  Different car marks and models are available for you, which are suited to every fancy.

Safety. Regular maintenance guaranties our vehicle reliability and safety.


To book a taxi in Cyprus and save money, use our easy online form on website GoTaxi or call us. Get sterling service at a better price and enjoy  carefree and comfortable rest in Cyprus.