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Conditions of car rental Cyprus

Conditions of car rental

 Terms of use

Requirements for drivers:  All drivers should be at least 23 years old and they should have valid driver's license at least 3 years. There won't be any refund for refusal to rent because of absence   valid driver's license.

Payment:  A deposit of 20% paid for reservation (debit or credit card) is not refunded. Outstanding balance is charged for receiving the car (this payment provides in cash or debit/credit card )

Information on insurance: Basic  car insurance cover any window, tyre and the oil pan. Also basic  car insurance includes franchise (pricing both above).

Franchise is established for car accident, which was caused because of renter, damage to a rented car is estimated due to a vendor rates for service and repair (maximum payout is the lesser of the franchise value, pricing both above ). Driving off-road is NOT covered by, even having an umbrella insurance.



  • group A
  • € 400,00
  • group B
  • € 500,00
  • group C
  • € 600,00
  • group D
  • € 700,00


Umbrella insurance is at payment (pricing both above). When you have an umbrella insurance, the franchise price is € 0.00. Driving within the occupied territory of Cyprus or off-road, or accident won't be covered by an umbrella insurance. Drunk driving also won't be covered by an umbrella insurance.



  • group  A
  • € 4,00 a day
  • group B
  • € 5,00 a day
  • group C
  • € 6,00 a day
  • group  D
  • € 7,00 a day


Fuel - not included. Clients should pay for a half, or for a full tank at the moment of lease and return the car with an empty tank at the end of the lease. There is no fuel return!



Paying parking fines, traffic violation during renting period is only employer duty. Company has a right to use an employer credit card  for paying any unpaid fine.



Lease period. Rental days will be calculated based on the 24-hour period according to pre-established period of delivery. In case of delay for 3+ hours from pointed time in contract, employer has to pay for a full day.



Responsibility: please note, vehicle rental  will be regulated due to Cyprus legislation. Local laws regulate vehicle conditions of employment, and signed agreement when receiving a car is  legally binding for a lease  taker.

Cancel: rent cancel is realized through email  Note, that if you want to have a right to have a payback, you should do it at least in 7 days before getting a car. For more detailed information, please, write a part "Return" below.



Return: 20% deposit cannot be returned in any case, but it can be transfer to another renting within 6 months from the original date. If the whole sum (100%from total amount) was paid during the booking, if the client decide to cancel the booking, he gets 80% on the basis that the cancel is held no less than earlier 7 days before original date receiving the car. All payback is held within 15 working days and can be returned on debit/credit card, which you used to pay. If cancel is held in under  7 days before the original date of receiving the car or over a period of renting, only 50% from the sum, which was paid for the left period should be returned.




''Last-minute'' booking.

The lessor  has a right to cancel the booking, made with under 48 hours before the original date of receiving the car, if the car is not available, pay will be returned. Car existence cannot be pointed on website during the booking, if it is made within 48 hours during the receiving.