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Transfer conditions


Service conditions

This website and booking mechanism is inhered and managed by A&N ANYCAR TRADING LTD. Obtaining access and accepting conditions for vehicle booking on website A&N ANYCAR TRADING LTD or from any channel of distribution, for example, associated webpages, you can accept without reserves, following  use conditions.With the help of these services, any user can book any vehicle upon different directions, which is available all around Cyprus. A&N ANYCAR TRADING LTD  have responsibility for points, which only connected with services, offered in a booking system.

If you are not agree with it and do not satisfied with terms and conditions of use, so you have any right to use this web page/ supplement in any way.


Reservation procedure

After reservation procedure, you will automatically get an email with booking confirmation (voucher). The client is only responsible for informing us in case if he doesn't get an email, also checking input accuracy all the information, pointed in the email. All the information, putted or which is needed to be putted during reservation procedure is included in this email. Please, print this email and keep it on you during transportation. All detail information about your booking is in the last step of booking. At that point, you have to check all booking details very careful  for avoiding a mistake. Company cannot guarantee that changes fixed  for 24 hours before transportation be satisfied.

Important comment: Company should do everything possible and impossible for clients to be satisfied with putted changes or their corrections  within 24 hours before transportation, for example, additional vehicle, accommodation for journeys, which are not included in booking system and ect. but it is not guaranteed that we will definitely do it.


Important additional comments

Our company will control  arrives time, that is why we will wait for meeting with and without possible delay. If the driver and the client cannot meet in one place, the company should try to communicate with the client on the phone. However, at the time of booking procedure, the client is responsible for pointing correct phone number, which should be active, with  needed international dialing code, for us to have some contact information with the client. If client don't give A&N ANYCAR TRADING LTD, correct phone number, this client takes charge of connecting with the company for meeting with the driver. None client gets compensation  if:

a) if the company cannot connect with the client because of the phone number is not active, which lead to impossibility of transfer.


b) furnished data about transportation is wrong (for example, number, arrival time) as a result, transportation cannot be provide because of absence correct information for monitoring arrival.

In case, if the client need additional or another vehicle, which were pointed during Reservation procedure (for example, lot of luggage, more people and act.)  additional supplements may apply depending on additional/different vehicles.

Services which are not pointed on our website are always welcomed and our team is eager to satisfy all. However there are no guarantees, that such requests will be satisfied. Fare in all directions includes all expanses, plus time of waiting for the driver after your arrival is also included.


Pets cannot go with common service. We can help you with your pets using our Special Taxi Service.

Denial of responsibility and compensation

A&N ANYCAR TRADING LTD won't compensate any sum, which client paid in any case, if the company don't do any transportation, the client paid for, that is why the client can ask for the compensation, but it shouldn't be higher the sum he/she paid before. Note: it is correct for all destinations, served by the company, the driver has the right to refuse the client, if the client is in a state of intoxication or if he is aggressive and offensive in regard to the driver. In such case, any compensation cannot be paid



Requests for making changes in your booking should be sent us in written form though email  and they won't become operational before we receive it and affirm it through the email. Please, appeal to the item CONTACTS for receiving all detail information how to get in contact with us.

If you ask for any changes in a place of receipt or landing, flight information, quantity or passengers  age, and it needed extra pay (for example, if there are some additional members of the group or time flight change), it leads to extra pay when making changes. Administration fee is not charged.

If changes lower the cost of trip, you'll get the payout, but only if these changes are made at least 48 hours in advance of the travel.

Any changes about landing because of flight delay or earlier arrival, also timeout when it comes to safety and receiving the luggage, they all won't be taken into account, if you get to assembling point at the latest 70 minutes after landing.



 Booking cancel is realized through email cancel is held up to 24 hours before landing/arrival to the airport, pointed you while booking, the company with payback all the sum, during 15 working days. We won't return money, if you cancel your booking full or partial at least 24 hours before landing or arrival to the airport , which was pointed while booking.


Wheelchair and bicycles

You should let us to know, if you have a wheelchair or a bicycle with you when making a booking. Please, point if it is a pushchair, hand chair or have a battery/motor for us to provide corresponding service for your transfer.